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What are Sponsored Products?

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Sponsored Products are cost-per-click (CPC) placements that promote individual product listings on your site. Your sellers pay you to gain access to these premium placements, allowing them to sell more of their products while enabling you additional income. It’s just like when you pay for search ads, social ads, or Amazon ads, but sellers pay you for premium placement of their product on your e-commerce site. Your Sellers, You, and your Customers all benefit, that why every single successful e-commerce site such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, and so on have Sponsored Products.

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Sellers and Vendors List Products in Premier Placements on Your Marketplace

Product sellers and Vendors select a subset of their products to promote, allowing these products to be shown in premium locations such as top level carousels and personalized recommendations across your site.

Your Customers Find Products, Increasing Revenue for the Vendors and Sellers

With higher visibility of Sponsored Products across your site, more of these items sell, allowing for increased revenue for the above Sellers and Vendors that are utilizing Sponsored Products.

An online store with an arrow pointing to a retail store
A retail store pointing to an online store

You Get Paid Both for the Sale, as well as the Sponsored Product Clicks

Every time a Customer clicks on a Sponsored Product, you get a payment from the Sponsoring Vendors and Sellers. This is in addition to any income you would have made from the sale anyway.

Benefits to your Vendors and Sellers

An online shopping page showcasing sponsored product placements

Sellers and Vendors can showcase their products in premium high-visibility locations:

Products appear at premium locations on your site with maximum eyeball exposure such as the first page of shopping results and first row of carousels in product detail pages. Designs are completely customizable to match your site.

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Sellers can increase sales of specific items in their inventory:

Sponsored Products can help sellers grow their sales by reaching customers who are browsing for products like theirs and directing them to their product detail page. Sellers can run campaigns to move specific inventory, or promote products that would otherwise sit idle. They will see an increased spend on their products, and hence increased revenue compared to organically placed traffic.

Customizable dashboards.

Intuitive, easy to use, self serve dashboards give full control to your Sellers:

Designed from ground up to be self serve, Jewel's Sponsored Products Dashboard allows your Sellers to be in control. From setting up campaigns and dates to costs and budgets, Sellers self-manage their campaigns, freeing you from having to manage the relationship. Sellers pay only when customers click on their sponsored listings, and they control how much they spend by setting a daily, monthly, and annual max budgets.

A graph comparing sponsored product sales with non sponsored product sales.

Sellers can track and measure their Return on Investment (ROI) easily and intuitively:

Sellers have access to intuitive and easy-to-understand metrics dashboard, allowing them to track a variety of sales and performance metrics. This allows Sellers to measure the direct impact of their spend on Sponsored Products on your marketplace, and continue optimizing their strategies.

Benefits to You, the Marketplace Owner

A graph of the instant profit margin made from sponsored products

Additional revenue from day zero:

Each click on a Sponsored Product generates additional revenue for your business. This income can add up to a significant portion of profits for your business with virtually zero upfront investment. Some of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world such as Amazon and Ebay make the majority of their profits from Sponsored Products rather than fees charged on e-commerce sales.

Sponsored product campaigns dashboard.

You only pay for the service when clicks occur:

At Jewel, we only make money when you make money, and aim to grow with you. Jewel takes a small percentage of the added revenue, allowing for no upfront fees or monthly maintenance costs. There just is no financial risk to implementing Jewel, and it requires no changes to your current day to day operations and website management.

Benefits to Customers:

An illustration of sponsored products on a website.

Discovering new and relevant products:

Pure recommendation and personalization engines generally fall into a self-fulfilling trap of showing the same items over and over again. Sponsored Products allow high-quality products to be showcased, thus enhancing the experience of your customers. And since Jewel's Personalization and Sponsored Products backends are tightly integrated and offered as a single solution, customers get the best of both worlds!

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