Empowering the Online Footwear Market with AI-Driven Personalization

By understanding individual preferences, Jewel ML leads shoppers to the footwear that fits their style and comfort needs, making every step satisfying.

Personalization at Scale

In the competitive online footwear market, personalization isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Customers expect to find their perfect pair among thousands of options effortlessly. Jewel ML's AI-driven recommendations cater to this by understanding individual preferences and shopping behaviors, presenting the right footwear at the right time. This capability ensures customers feel uniquely valued, significantly enhancing their shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Reducing Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a critical issue in the online footwear industry, often resulting from pricing discrepancies. Jewel ML addresses this by leveraging advanced AI to understand the maximum price point each customer is willing to pay, dynamically adjusting recommendations to match. This strategy not only minimizes cart abandonment but also ensures that every customer sees the value in their purchase, reinforcing their decision to buy and boosting overall revenue.

Enhancing Global Reach with Local Precision

Expanding globally while maintaining local relevance is challenging, especially in the diverse world of online footwear. Jewel ML's support for over 70 languages and its global server network empower online footwear retailers to offer a localized shopping experience with no lag, crucial for site speed and customer satisfaction. This global yet local approach ensures that retailers can cater to a wide audience while maintaining the personalized touch that customers crave, driving sales and enhancing brand loyalty worldwide.

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Open up your webshop and help your visitors find what they're looking for with Jewel ML. Get started now, with a free A/B test to see the results before committing.

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Yes, you can start with a free 30-day A/B test to evaluate our solution's impact before making any payment.

We capture customer signals using assigned IDs, allowing our machine learning to adapt and improve recommendations over time.

Each customer gets an anonymous ID, allowing us to track their behavior and understand their preferences. Our machine learning models continuously improve, ensuring relevance over time. Our recommendations become more personalized as our machine learning model learns from more data.

The process includes a quick 20-minute onboarding followed by a two-week period for us to tailor and test our models before going live with recommendations on your site.