Revamping Skate Culture: Vans' Sales Skyrocket with Jewel ML

See how Vans leveraged Jewel ML's AI for a sales leap, enhancing customer experience and engagement.


Surge in Online Sales


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Time to implement

Vans: 10 min, JewelML: 1 week

The collaboration between Vans MX and Jewel ML marked a turning point in the digital engagement and sales strategy for the iconic skateboarding brand. With the integration of Jewel ML's AI-driven personalization engine, Vans MX saw a significant uplift in online sales and customer engagement within the first quarter post-implementation. This success was attributed to the AI's precision in delivering personalized product recommendations, resonating well with Vans' diverse customer base.

The seamless onboarding process and continuous support from the Jewel ML team facilitated a swift and efficient adoption, allowing Vans MX to leverage AI's power without the need for extensive technical resources. This ease of integration, coupled with the AI's ability to adapt to Vans' unique brand ethos, ensured a smooth transition that reflected positively on customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Through strategic A/B testing, Jewel ML not only validated its impact on sales and engagement but also provided Vans MX with deep insights into customer preferences and behavior. This data-driven approach enabled Vans MX to refine their online offerings and marketing strategies further, reinforcing their market position and contributing to a sustained increase in revenue and customer loyalty.

Gil Chicardo, Head of E-commerce for Vans, expressed the company's delight by stating, "We have always been looking for new technology to take our E-commerce to the next level and Jewel ML delivered on all fronts! We recognized the positive effects of Jewel ML in our performance within the first week and we're glad to be able to provide a better shopping experience for our customers"

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