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Let Artificial Intelligence Transform your Shoppers into Buyers

5 to 15% additional revenue from your current traffic, scientifically proven with a free A/B test. No code, no maintenance, and fully customizable.

30 day free A/B test

Platform agnostic, including custom sites

Powering some of the most iconic brands around the world


Let AI show the right product at the right time and in the right place

Jewel ML is engineered to prioritize revenue generation. Our AI is akin to a seasoned sales expert who knows your customers' preferences and can predict their next move, turning every interaction into an opportunity for finding the right item, while gently hinting at additional opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.

Increase Revenue between 5 to 15% in 30 days or less!

You invest significant time and resources into marketing, online advertising, and live events to drive traffic to your site. Shouldn't you offer the best possible  personalization experience for your clients when they finally visit?

Inaccurate or Incomplete Catalog? No Problem!

Don't let poor cataloging hinder your sales. Jewel ML's AI navigates through any discrepancies in product data, ensuring that the most relevant and revenue-boosting suggestions are made, regardless of underlying catalog challenges.

Screenshot of Jewel ML online shopping interface featuring product recommendations. At the top, 'Similar items' section displays thumbnails of shoes. Below, 'Frequently bought together' shows a combination of a tie, table, watch, and vest. The 'Complete the look' section at the bottom suggests accessories like socks, a belt, a swimsuit, gloves, and a hat, with a highlighted tooltip saying, 'This belt goes well with the shoes!' next to a cursor icon.
Onboarding and Maintenance

You have no time to set up and maintain another tool

Jewel ML’s pioneering no-code solution allows you to integrate sophisticated AI-driven personalized recommendations without ever touching code.
Want it even easier? Our team will handle the initial onboarding as well as all future maintenance, including all customizations and platform migrations should the need arise.

Unwavering Privacy Commitment

Our platform guarantees privacy by managing and tracking user interactions anonymously, aligning with global compliance standards.

Insightful Dashboard and Analytics

Comprehensive e-commerce metrics quantify the journeys and impact Jewel ML delivers for your clients and business.

Real-Time Inventory Updates

New products and trends are automatically updated, keeping your recommendations fresh without manual intervention.

Risk Free Implementation from the start

Change your mind for any reason? A single click reverts everything to way it was, as if Jewel ML was never there.

Reliability and Scale

Reliable and Scalable Infrastructure

Jewel ML is engineered to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients, effortlessly handling over 100 million SKUs and accommodating more than 500 million monthly active users per site with robust support and seamless performance.


Edge servers covering the entire globe


Response time for 99% of world population


Uptime SLA available

3.2 Trillion

Recommendations served annually

Experience the e-commerce AI revolution with a free A/B test

No payments required for the entire duration of the test Cancel anytime with a single click

We've done the integrations so you don't have to

Jewel ML seamlessly integrates with the platforms and tools you already trust, creating a synergy that enhances your existing ecosystem

One size doesn't fit all

Each industry has unique e-commerce characteristics, and we know exactly how to make yours succeed.

Conquer Fashion E-Commerce with AI-Driven Personalization

Jewel ML brings the latest fashion trends and timeless pieces to shoppers, personalizing selections to align with their style, ensuring they always look their best.


Empowering the Online Footwear Market with AI-Driven Personalization

By understanding individual preferences, Jewel ML leads shoppers to the footwear that fits their style and comfort needs, making every step satisfying.


Gear Up for Greatness with the Power of AI

Jewel ML matches athletes and enthusiasts with sports gear that elevates their game, ensuring they have the right equipment for their sporting adventures.


Empowering Online Pharmaceutical Retail with AI-Driven Personalization

Enhance your online pharmacy's sales with Jewel ML's AI, offering personalized product recommendations, boosting revenue by 5-20%, and reducing cart abandonment effortlessly.

Online Pharmacy

Beautify Your Spaces with Personal Picks

Jewel ML curates home and living essentials that resonate with each shopper's unique taste, transforming houses into homes tailored to their vision.

Home & Living

Elevating the Online Electronics Shopping Experience with AI

Unlock unparalleled personalization and revenue growth in the online electronics market with Jewel ML's AI-driven solutions.


Unlock a World of Wonder: Jewel ML for Toys & Collectibles

Enhance your Toys & Collectibles webshop with Jewel ML. Our advanced machine learning ensures your customers find their next treasures, from the latest collectibles to nostalgic toys, ensuring a magical shopping journey every visit.

Toys & Collectibles

Data doesn't lie—let a free A/B test prove how Jewel ML can elevate your e-commerce game

Our expert team will handle the entire setup for you, completely free of charge and with no commitment required on your part.

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If you can't find the answer to your question in this section, please reach out to us.

We use natural language processing and machine learning to understand item details and user behavior. This combination allows us to create personalized product recommendations in real-time.

Our solution can increase your website's revenue by 5-15% in just 30 days. It's a no-code solution, requiring minimal initial setup and no ongoing effort from your team.

Our solution is fully no-code. Your team won't need to do any engineering work, from the initial setup to ongoing maintenance and customizations.

An A/B test, also known as a split test, is a method used to compare two versions of a webpage, app feature, or product recommendations to determine which one performs better. Essentially, we divide your audience into two groups: Group A sees the original version (the control), and Group B experiences the new version (the variation). By analyzing how each group interacts with the version they see, we can measure changes in behavior, such as increases in purchases, engagement, or any other key metric of interest. This approach allows us to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve the personalization and effectiveness of our recommendations on your site. Jewel ML facilitates this process seamlessly, providing you with clear insights into the impact of our AI-driven recommendations without requiring any separate A/B testing software.

We track customer interactions using anonymous IDs, allowing us to continuously refine our recommendations to ensure they are relevant and personalized.