Personalized E-commerce Carousels, Search, and Banners.

Powered by Machine Learning with Full Human Control.
30%+ Revenue increase across all devices and channels. See Machine Learning in action in less than a week!

How it works

The top companies in the world are utilizing ML-powered Personalization

The largest technology companies in the world use Machine Leaning (ML) to drive personalization across their offerings.


of Amazon's revenue is generated through ML powered personalized recommendations.


of all Netflix consumption comes from personalized content


Increase in revenue per session when advertisement in personalized


of all content watched on YouTube is from personalized recommendations

What Jewel ML offers

Enable Personalized Recommendations on your Website

Powered by Machine Learning technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Behavioral Science, Vision Understanding, and Deep Neural Networks.

Blazing Fast Search with Custom Filters, and Personalized

30% of visitors leave when they can't find what they are looking in a single search! Increase revenue and retention through powerful search that delivers personalized results

Personalized Banners that Drive Traffic to Your Campaigns

Easily add banners to your site, with dates that go live and offline, driving revenue to campaigns and products for visitors that land on specific pages and devices.

Zero code implementation:
A single tag and we’ll take care of the rest.

Focus on your e-commerce business and not implementing and maintaining personalization. You already have enough going on!

No infrastructure to manage, Jewel is 100% hosted.
No code to maintain, we keep everything up-to-date.
Integrates with your favorite Analytics and A/B test tools, and Across all your channels!
No Machine Learning models to train, we continuously train and enhance the models.
Copied to clipboard!

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"MadeiraMadeira unlocked 27% additional revenues in less than a year after replacing Chaordic/Linx with Jewel ML, while reducing their overall cost by 80%."

With many millions of products and visitors, MadeiraMadeira trusts Jewel ML with billions of personalized recommendations per day.

"Jewel was implemented on Colcci's site in less than an hour, purely by adding a single tag to the site. The switch from SmartHint resulted in 25% additional revenue immediately."

Fashion meets recommendations, as Colcci gains 25% in additional revenue, covering a year of Jewel’s cost in just the first month after going live.

"Lojas Lebes session engagement increased more than 350% after Jewel's recommendations were enabled across the customer touchpoints on Mobile and Desktop"

Jewel ML is powering Lojas Lebes recommendation across a host of channels including web and social presence.

Man + Machine means the Best of Both Worlds:

ML powered models adapt to changing customer behaviour in real-time, while human experts continuously enhance the performance of the models with the latest findings from industry and research.
All models are rolled-out periodically and safely in the backend, and you have full and final control of how and what is displayed, always!

Real-world Results


10% first year, increasing to


by the end of third year.

Make the most out of your traffic from all sources.


Reduce cart abandonment by


Increased conversion rates by


Return on Investment


return on investment by the end of second year.

Nearly double the time spent on site and page views. You spend all this money on acquiring traffic, so why lose them so fast?

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