Colcci gained 800% Return On Investment with Jewel ML

How AMC Textil, one of the largest Fashion Brands in Latin America, added 20% revenue in less than one month!


ROI of Jewel ML


Sales Increase


Cart Abondonment



# of recommendations

5M - 20M / month

Time to implement

Less than 10 days

Founded in 1986, Colcci has been a beacon of Brazilian fashion, celebrated for its high-quality, detail-oriented clothing and accessories. With a presence in over 31 countries, Colcci's diverse, joyous, and musically inspired collections needed a digital platform that matched their global reputation and local flair. Jewel ML stepped in to revolutionize Colcci's online customer experience with its AI-driven personalized product recommendations, seamlessly integrating with their vibrant, youthful aesthetic.

The implementation of Jewel ML's AI technology led to an immediate uptick in online sales, with an 18% increase reported within the first quarter post-integration. The AI's precision in predicting and aligning with customer preferences played a critical role, especially in markets where Colcci was keen on deepening its penetration. Beyond sales, customer engagement metrics soared, reflecting an enhanced user experience that resonated well with Colcci's target demographic.

Colcci's case is a testament to how traditional fashion brands can evolve with AI, bridging the gap between brick-and-mortar heritage and digital modernity. The collaboration with Jewel ML not only boosted Colcci's online metrics but also underscored the brand's commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring that every visitor's journey through their site is as dynamic and vibrant as their collections.

"The Jewel ML team demonstrated the value of their product suite through an A/B test that showed 800% Return on Investment for us. We immediately added Jewel to all our sites and channels."

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