Athletic Fashion meet AI: Forum's Sales Leap with Jewel ML

See how Forum's collaboration with Adidas and Jewel ML's AI soared sales and shopper engagement


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Forum: 10 min, Jewel ML: 3 days

Forum, a key player in the athletic wear market, notably enhanced its online presence and sales figures after implementing Jewel ML's advanced AI-driven personalization solutions. Their strategic partnership with Adidas, aimed at offering high-quality athletic wear, found a new dimension of success with the integration of Jewel ML's technology. The transition was seamless, thanks to Jewel ML's no-code solution and dedicated support, enabling Forum to focus on its core business while leveraging AI's power.

The impact was immediate. Within a month, Forum observed a 16% increase in sales and a 30% boost in customer engagement. These metrics were not just numbers but reflected a deeper connection with their customers, achieved by accurately predicting and meeting their needs. Jewel ML's AI, acting as a digital sales assistant, ensured that customers were presented with exactly what they were looking for, thereby enhancing the shopping experience and fostering loyalty.

Moreover, the ease of integration and continuous support from Jewel ML's team were highly appreciated by Forum. The capability to conduct A/B testing seamlessly within the platform provided Forum with actionable insights, enabling continuous improvement and customization of the user experience. This partnership highlighted the power of combining innovative technology with strong brand collaborations, setting a new benchmark for success in the e-commerce space.

Partnering with Jewel ML transformed our e-commerce approach. Their AI perfectly complements our Adidas collaboration, driving significant sales and engagement increases.

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