Trailblazing Sales: Timberland MX's Leap with AI Magic

Timberland Mexico offers clothing, boots, and casual shoes, serving as the official online store for Timberland® in Mexico.


Sales Growth


Customer Retention


Cart Abandonment Drop



# of recommendations

20M - 50M / month

Time to implement

Timberland: 10min, Jewel: 1 week

Timberland MX, a leading retailer in outdoor wear, sought to enhance their online customer experience and increase sales through advanced AI personalization. Jewel ML's no-code AI solution provided a seamless integration process, enabling Timberland MX to implement AI-driven product recommendations without technical complexities.

In a matter of weeks, Timberland MX witnessed an 18% increase in sales, attributed to the AI's ability to display the right products to the right customers at the right time. Additionally, customer engagement soared by 30% due to more relevant and tailored shopping experiences. The intelligent system also addressed cart abandonment, reducing it by 20% by predicting and presenting items at price points customers were willing to convert at.

The partnership with Jewel ML not only elevated Timberland MX's sales figures but also deepened the understanding of their customer base. The dedicated support from Jewel ML's team and the powerful insights gained from the AI's analytics propelled Timberland MX to new heights in e-commerce efficiency and effectiveness.

"We were impressed by Jewel ML's ability to uncover 12% of additional revenue with their intuitive product recommendations and how fast they were able to set everything up. More impressive is their immediate response to our requests and commitment to improving Timberland's digital experience for our shoppers. We are looking forward to achieving even greater heights together!" Daniela Zorrilla, Ecommerce Manager, Timberland

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