AI-Powered Fashion Forward: ZenOficial's Revenue Revolution

Discover how Jewel ML's AI boosted ZenOficial's sales with unmatched support and smart A/B testing.


Increase in Revenue


Reduction in Cart Abandonment


ROI Improvement



# of recommendations

Time to implement

Client: 20 min, JewelML: 10 days

ZenOficial, a renowned fashion e-commerce platform, experienced remarkable growth after integrating Jewel ML's AI-driven personalized product recommendations. The onboarding process was remarkably straightforward, requiring no coding expertise, which made the transition smooth and efficient for ZenOficial. This ease of integration allowed them to quickly begin A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of Jewel ML's AI.

The results were compelling. ZenOficial saw a significant increase in revenue and a notable reduction in cart abandonment rates within just 30 days of leveraging Jewel ML's AI capabilities. The AI's ability to understand and predict customer preferences played a crucial role in presenting the right products at the right time, enhancing the shopping experience and leading to higher conversion rates.

Furthermore, ZenOficial praised the continuous support and dedication of the Jewel ML team. Their commitment to ensuring a seamless integration and ongoing optimization of the AI recommendations system was pivotal in achieving these results. The power of AI, combined with effective A/B testing and the support of the Jewel ML team, not only boosted ZenOficial's sales but also provided them with invaluable insights into their customers' preferences and behavior, setting a new standard for personalization in e-commerce.

"Jewel ML's integration into our platform was seamless and transformative. Their support team’s dedication and the powerful AI significantly uplifted our sales metrics, enhancing our customers' shopping experience."

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