Scoring Big with AI: Marti Sports' Strategic Victory

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Case Study: Enhancing E-commerce Success through AI-Powered Personalization - The Martí.mx and Jewel ML Partnership

Background:Martí.mx, a leading Mexican sports retail giant, sought to amplify its online revenue without taxing its internal engineering resources. They turned to Jewel ML, a cutting-edge SaaS provider specializing in AI-driven product recommendations, to unlock this potential.

Challenge:Despite a broad product range and strong market presence, Martí.mx faced challenges in converting its vast traffic into higher sales. The key was to offer personalized shopping experiences to each visitor, a task beyond the capabilities of their existing platform.

Solution:Jewel ML implemented its no-code AI personalization engine on Martí.mx's platform. This engine leverages NLP, behavioral science, and deep learning algorithms to analyze user interactions and deliver highly relevant product recommendations. The integration process was seamless, requiring zero engineering effort from the Martí team.


  • Revenue Growth: Martí.mx experienced a double-digit increase in revenue, attributed directly to the personalized product recommendations.
  • Customer Engagement: Enhanced user experience led to increased customer engagement, with higher click-through rates on recommended products.
  • Efficiency: The Jewel ML solution allowed Martí to leverage advanced AI personalization without any additional overhead or resource allocation.

Conclusion:The partnership between Martí.mx and Jewel ML demonstrates the power of AI in transforming e-commerce businesses. By focusing on personalized customer experiences, Martí.mx not only achieved substantial revenue growth but also set a new standard in user engagement, all with minimal internal effort.

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"Alongside AI powered recommendations, Jewel ML delivered team specific carousels that enabled over 2x increase in same team cross-selling"

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