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Madeira Madeira

With Millions of products and visitors, Madeira Madeira trusts Jewel ML with Billions of recommendations per day.

"Madeira Madeira unlocked 18% additional revenues in less than a year after replacing their previous vendor with Jewel, while reducing their overall engineering and infrastructure cost."
Sample Client

Trina Turk

Fashion meets recommendations, as Trina Turk gains 25% in conversions, covering a year of Jewel’s cost in just the first three months after going live.

"Jewel was implemented on TrinaTurk's site in less than an hour, purely by adding a single tag to the site"

Mr. Turk

Jewel powered Mr. Turk's recommendation across a host of channels including web and social presence.

"Mr.Turk's engagement increased significantly after Jewel's recommendations were enabled across the customer touchpoints"
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