Built by the most experienced

Jewel ML is built by industry veterans, each with over 10 years of experience in E-commerce, Machine Learning, Personalization, and Technical Infrastructure.

What we do

Jewel's engineering team spent years in academia, industry, and consulting, building the best of hosted platforms and systems that deliver cutting-edge machine learning powered recommendation and personalization engines. We're committed to continuously delivering the best of available technology to our clients without the overhead of maintaining such systems.

Meet the people behind
the product

We are a group of experts from iconic academia and companies such as:

Amir Rouzrokh
Jason Min
Head of Growth
Diego Damin
Business Consultant
Alex Chang
Software Engineer
Felipe Brunati
Senior Enterprise Account Executive
Natalia Dill
Account Executive
Marcelo Rocha
Enterprise Account Executive
André Luiz Amancio
Sales Development Representative
Douglas Lima
Software Engineer
William Ferreira
Sales Development Manager
Jan Bialostok
Engineering Advisor
Rodolpho Nascimento
Engineering Advisor
Leonardo Santos
Engineering Advisor
Yaw Este
Engineering Advisor

"Working at a global company that operates locally, and with experts across every function from engineering to management is like going to university but 10x times more impactful"

Cleo Alvarez

Sales Development Representative