The Jewel Advantage

Personalization-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Jewel ML’s vision is to deliver cutting edge personalization across product recommendations and search to online business of all sizes and languages, without the engineering and maintenance overhead of traditional vendors.

The Jewel advantage

The first and only true E-commerce Personalization-as-a-Service (PaaS) Platform in the World.

No-code Solution

Focus on your business, and not on implementing and maintaining personalization. You already have enough going on. No infrastructure to manage, no code to maintain, no models to train. Jewel takes care of 100% of everything you need.

Global Presence and Scale

Jewel is in 24 regions, with 144 Network Edge Locations and available in 200+ Countries and Territories.

Jewel delivers more than six billion daily personalized recommendations globally, rendering in less than 200ms. That’s faster than 99% of website content to ensure website performance!

What Jewel ML offers

Show your shoppers the items they love and are looking to buy

Jewel ML utilizes technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Behavioral Science, Vision Understanding, and Deep Neural Networks to show relevant recommendations that open up your entire E-commerce store for your shoppers to see based on their behavior.

Blazing Fast Search with Custom Filters and Personalized Recommendations to help your shoppers find the items they are looking for

30% of online shoppers leave when they can’t find the item they are looking for within the first search. Increase retention, time spent on the website and overall revenue through powerful search and filters that deliver personalized recommendations in real time!

This Jewel advantage


Jewel ML


Requires you to spend engineering time and effort to implement.

No engineering required. A single tag will take care of everything!


Requires you to account for infrastructure and networking costs (e.g. ongoing server and cloud costs)

Zero infrastructure cost. Jewel ML is deployed globally already.


Requires you to keep the code up to date, do security roll-outs, and monitor the performance of the models and services.

Jewel patches the machines, trains the models continuously, and monitors performance by utilizing automated and human controlled systems.

Man + Machine means the Best of Both Worlds:

Machine Learning powered models adapt to changing customer behaviour in real-time, while human experts continuously enhance the performance of the models with the latest findings from industry and research.All models are rolled-out periodically and safely in the backend, and you have full and final control of how and what is displayed, always!

Real-world Results



average lift by end of second year

Return on Investment


return on investment by end of the first year.

Time to Revenue


increase in revenue within the first 30 days of using Jewel ML.

Due to Jewel’s no-code implementation, see the results of personalized recommendations within the first month of utilizing Jewel ML.

"MadeiraMadeira unlocked 27% additional revenues in less than a year after replacing Chaordic/Linx with Jewel ML, while reducing their overall cost by 80%."

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